Sweetaholic's Scrumptious Best Sellers

Collection: Sweetaholic's Scrumptious Best Sellers

Our Scrumptious Collection spotlights our signature handcrafted chocolate slabs overflowing with premium Belgian chocolate sweeping around luscious fillings and crunchy mix-ins.

Each towering chocolate creation stars multiple layers of rich, velvety smooth Belgian chocolate blanketing sweet sauces and nut butters. We generously tuck in crunchy cookies and candy bits between the layers for pops of texture and flavor contrast in every bite.

Choose from silky caramel, gooey marshmallow and chocolate hazelnut spreads paired with cookies, nuts, toffees and more all stacked high between dark, milk or white chocolate.

What’s Inside Our Chocolate Slabs?

Our Scrumptious slab selection includes:

· Filled Slabs - Caramel, jam and nut butter fillings
· Loaded Slabs - Mix-ins like cookies, candy, pretzels
· Filled & Loaded Slabs - Both fillings & toppings

Build Your Own Scrumptious Creation

Mix and match premium chocolate types with luscious fillings like salted caramel and dozens of crunchy, sweet mix-in toppings to create your ultimate chocolate fantasy slab!

Enjoying Our Scrumptious Chocolate Slabs

Allow chilled slabs to rest 5 minutes out of fridge before enjoying best melt-in-your-mouth texture. Break off shards and slowly savor, allowing chocolate, fillings and mix-ins to mingle into chocolate euphoria. Share treats by slicing loaded towers into indulgent wedges.

Gift our fanciful chocolate slab boxes to share the chocolate love! Check the menu inside each box to discover the magical flavors enjoyed in every bite.