Caramel Collection

Collection: Caramel Collection

Our over-the-top chocolate slabs showcase premium Belgian chocolate generously layered around an ooey, gooey caramel filling, then loaded with crunchy cookies and biscuits.

We handcraft each chocolate slab in small batches, using Callebaut Belgian chocolate as the foundation. Layers of chocolate cradle decadent caramel fillings like salted caramel with pretzel pieces or brown butter caramel laced with Oreo cookie crumbs.

Every towering chocolate slab is stuffed with fillings and crunchy mix-ins like Biscoff cookies, chocolate chip cookies, crushed pretzels or toffee bits. We pile on the ingredients between thick layers of dark, milk or white chocolate for intense flavor and texture contrast.

Popular Caramel & Cookie Chocolate Slabs

Some irresistible overloaded creations include:

· Dark chocolate filled with salted caramel and crushed pretzels
· Milk chocolate with brown butter caramel, Oreos and toffee
· White chocolate with cinnamon spiced caramel and Biscoff cookies

Build Your Own Chocolate-Caramel Fantasy

Mix and match chocolate types, caramel flavors and as many mix-in toppings as your heart desires to create a custom chocolate-caramel slab. From fruits and nuts to cakes and candy crumbles, we’ll overload your fantasy!

Tips for Enjoying Caramel Chocolate Slabs

These impressive towering treats are perfect for sharing. Let slabs come to room temperature before enjoying best texture. Slice chilled slabs and allow to rest 5 minutes post-fridge. Slowly savor—don’t rush the euphoric chocolate-caramel experience! Dip bites in chocolate sauce for further decadence.