Limited Edition Collection

Collection: Limited Edition Collection

December’s Limited Edition: Minty Christmas Chocolate Slabs

Our December limited edition slabs celebrate the holidays with premium Belgian milk chocolate chock-full of minty Christmas flavors.

Each slab stars candy cane mint fondant filling, generously sandwiched between pillowy layers of Callebaut origin milk chocolate from Belgium. We add crisp shards of crushed candy canes and pile on more whole candy canes and chocolate curls to really overload the minty holiday spirit!

What Makes This Limited Edition Collection Special?

As a limited December exclusive, these chocolate slabs encapsulate the flavors of Christmas in each festive bite. We specially craft the mint fondant filling enhanced with candy cane flavor and crushed candy bits mixed throughout for pops of peppermint flavor and festive crunch.

The origin milk chocolate provides a smooth, creamy backdrop, allowing the mint and candy flavors shine. As a limited run, we produce small batches by hand, closely monitoring each creation. Once sold out, the collection will not be produced again until next holiday season!

Tips for Enjoying Our Christmas Chocolate Slabs

Store slabs at room temperature out of direct light in an airtight container to prevent fondant from drying out. Allow to come to room temperature before enjoying for best smooth, melty texture. Break off shards and slowly allow flavors to bloom as chocolate and mint fondant melt over your palate. Pair with hot cocoa or coffee for a peppermint mocha flavor experience!