Marshmallow Collection

Collection: Marshmallow Collection

Our loaded chocolate slabs take chocolate indulgence over the top with ooey, gooey fillings and crunchy mix-ins piled high between layers of rich Belgian chocolate.

Crafted from premium Callebaut chocolate, each slab stars a decadent filling like fluffy marshmallow, chunks of biscoff cookies or chocolate chip cookies sandwiched between dark, milk or white chocolate. We generously stuff every slab with sweet fillings and mix-ins like crushed Oreos, pretzels, toffee bits, sprinkles and more to overload your senses with texture and flavor.

Every step is done by hand with love, from whipping up marshmallow to precisely stacking layers upon layers of chocolate and fixings sky-high. Just when you think we can’t cram any more goodness inside, we add even more!

What's the Difference Between a Loaded Slab and a Chocolate Bar?

While both deliver chocolate goodness, our loaded slabs take it to towering new heights! Slabs are handmade creations layered with fillings and toppings piled extra high for over-the-top indulgence in every bite. Chocolate bars have mix-ins mixed right into the chocolate or feature a simple filling encased in a thinner chocolate shell.

Our signature loaded slabs feature stacks of chocolate and fillings. This allows us to really load up each slab with oozing fillings, cookies, crunchy mix-ins and more between thick layers of premium chocolate.

Popular Loaded Slab Combinations

Some of our best-selling overloaded chocolate slab combinations include:

· Double Dark Chocolate slab loaded with marshmallow and Oreo crumbs
· Milk Chocolate slab with a caramel and biscoff middle
· White Chocolate slab crammed full of chocolate chip cookies and toffee

Customize Your Own Loaded Fantasy

Can’t find your ultimate loaded chocolate fantasy on our menu? Build your own custom creation by selecting a chocolate type, decadent fillings and as many mix-in toppings as you desire!

How to Enjoy Loaded Slabs

These hefty, overloaded chocolate beasts beg to be shared! Slice into the slabs to release an incredible oozing, crunchy first bite, then savor the pure chocolate intensity complementing sweet and salty flavors in each layer.

For maximum decadence, briefly freeze slabs to firm up the fillings then slice and allow to sit 5 minutes before enjoying – this prevents oozing fillings from escaping and highlights scrumptious texture contrasts! Dip bites into chocolate sauce on the side if desired.