Sweetaholic Scrumptious Chocolate Innovations

Collection: Sweetaholic Scrumptious Chocolate Innovations

Taste the latest chocolate slab sensations added to our gourmet chocolate range. Our skilled chocolatiers are continually crafting, testing and launching new stuffed chocolate bars for your indulgent enjoyment.

Check back frequently to discover new slab creations enveloping luscious fillings, crunchy mix-ins, and decadent toppings between layers of premium Belgian chocolate.

What Inspires Our New Products?

We design new chocolate slab flavours based on beloved ingredient combinations while also pushing boundaries with unexpected textures and flavours.

Our creative process allows us to constantly innovate, surprising your palate with creations like white chocolate mixed with popping candy or dark chocolate slabs hiding swirls of salted caramel and candied bacon inside.

New In Store This Month

Indulge in this month’s fresh chocolate slab offerings:

White Chocolate Raspberry Crunch - Sweet white chocolate and tart raspberry jam swirled together, layered with granola clusters.

Dark Chocolate Overload - Luscious Callebaut dark chocolate hides a surprise peanut butter fudge filling, loaded with crispy wafer cookie bits and chocolate covered pretzels for salty-sweet texture bliss.

Come back next month to try all new chocolate slab sensations! New flavours always debuting...