Sweetaholic Scrumptious Chocolate Creations

Collection: Sweetaholic Scrumptious Chocolate Creations

Unlike other chocolate shops, we don’t simply sell chocolate here. We dream up ooey, gooey chocolate fantasy and bring the most magical creations to life!

Our head chocolatier is something of a magician, inventing spellbinding chocolate flavours and textures you’ve never experienced. We ask, "Who wants a chocolate that makes you fly?" Then deliver the answer with our chocolate inventions!

Every product we craft starts with the same ethos as Willy Wonka himself - create what brings joy, defy expectations and spread more sweetness in the world.

Our Premium Chocolate Slabs

Each towering chocolate slab overflows with rich Belgian chocolate cocooning sweet fillings and crunchy mix-ins like cookies, caramel and candy in abundantly stuffed layers.

We champion simplicity...then add sprinkles of delicious chaos! Try bars stuffed with fluffy marshmallow filling or bubbly chocolate cream. We even float whole candy canes inside holiday mint chocolate slabs!

Build custom creations by choosing chocolate type, decadent fillings and as many fabulous mix-ins as you wish.

Tips for Enjoying Our Scrumptious Slab Collection

Gift our fanciful chocolate gift boxes to share the magic. Enjoy slabs slowly, allowing flavours to reveal themselves as chocolate gives way to hidden treasures inside.